July 19, 2024

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2023: Beware Of Atiku, He’s Out To Push ‘Fulanisation’ Agenda – Fayose Warns Nigerians

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As the 2023 election draws near, Isaac Fayose, younger brother of Ayodele Fayose, a former governor of Ekiti State, has said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, will push the Fulanisation agenda of Nigeria.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that there is an argument that the Fulani were colonially favoured and privileged over and above all other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The geographically-marmot space of Northern Nigeria, the numerical superiority of the Northern region above the other regions, and so on, were said to be intentional acts of colonial social engineering meant to give the Fulani a vantage position in the social and political architecture of colonial Nigeria.

The incumbent Nigerian leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, is of Fulani extraction; same with Atiku.

“Atiku will force Fulani settlement in all LGAs of Southern Nigeria. install Fulani Emirs!” Fayose wrote on his known Facebook page on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “2023: Beware Of Atiku, He’s Out To Push ‘Fulanisation’ Agenda – Fayose Warns Nigerians

  1. By the Grace, mr stomach infrastructure, don’t use the wisdom of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago here about fulanisation. Nigerians are fed up with mind bending unguarded utterances of the new moderni African Europeans who care less about the common man.
    No one tribe or group can cheat Africans again and Atiku and Fayose all know that the youths are awake beyond tribal and ethnic politics.
    So don’t go and eat retirees food in the Buka again. Jesus failed you by your failure to clear retirees pensions arrears. Shame on you, keep quiet.

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