September 30, 2023

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How Crisis Rocked NBA As President Yakubu Maikyau Accuses Predecessor Of Fraud

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Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) is presently enmeshed in crisis as the new President Yakubu Maikyau has accused his predecessor, Olumide Akpata, of fraud.

This controversy has been raging since Yakubu Maikyau the current NBA President was accused of nepotism after he reportedly breached protocol, and employed his nephew as IT Manager of the portal which is a symbol of the professional body. Many practitioners in the sector also called Maikyau out.

However, in a recent report sent to the National Executive Council NEC at the 2023 pre-Annual General Conference held in Abuja Maikyau branded the NBA App launched by Olumide Akpata as a big fraud,

Another source disclosed that towards the end of his administration as NBA President, Olumide Akpata launched with fanfare, the much-publicized NBA App – this was at the 2022 Annual General Conference (AGC) in Lagos.

The idea of a digitized NBA was one greeted with so much admiration and acceptance from members of the professional body; a move which heralded his last days in office, but it appears that the NBA administration under Maikyau feels otherwise.

Not only describing the NBA App as fraud, incumbent president, Maikyau told NEC members in Abuja that notwithstanding being paid 27 million Naira deposit for the App, the company had never deemed it fit to brief him as the New NBA President.

“The very first thing I encountered with these IT people was with the issue, remember last year at the conference, there was a supposed launch of the NBA App. That thing was a fraud.” the NBA President told NEC Members.

The NBA President further accused one Rotimi Ogunyemi Esq, a member of the NBA Digital Committee of writing to Paystack with instructions to change the NBA email on the payment platform and replacing same with a new one fraudulently lying to Paystack that the NBA email admin was unavailable indefinitely.

The NBA President wondered why a member of the Digital Committee who is a lawyer would attempt to control the NBA payments under the guise of integrating a Paystack account with a digital NBA App.

The Maikyau also told the NEC about why he hired his nephew Solomon as NBA’s new IT consultant.

More Crisis in NBA As VP Clement Ugo Accuses YC Maikyau Of Not Assigning Him Function, Replacing National Officers With Special Assistants…
NBA President, YC Maikyau doesn’t assign functions to me, replaces national officers with special assistants to branches – NBA Vice President Clement Ugo tells NEC Members.

Also, the 2nd Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Chukwuemeka Clement Ugo Esq has reported to the National Executive Council of the Association that the NBA President, YC Maikyau has refused and failed to assign any duty to him in the quarter preceding to the Pre-AGC quarterly NEC meeting held in Abuja and as such has no tangible report to present.

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