September 30, 2023

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BREAKING: Governor Adeleke Reacts To Plane Crash Report, Says ‘Engine Tampered With’

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An aircraft incident involving Governor Ademola Adeleke has caused anxiety in the state of Osun, with indications suggesting possible tampering with the aircraft’s engines.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed, the Spokesperson for the Osun State Governor, confirmed the incident today but vehemently refuted claims that birds’ nests were the cause.

Rasheed stressed that the aircraft was meticulously maintained and operated by a top-notch technical crew, dismissing the notion that birds’ nests could have caused the malfunction. “Birds’ nests are made with straws, not binding wires as found in this case,” he pointed out.
The near-disaster occurred just moments after boarding, with less than two minutes of taxiing on the tarmac.
A sudden warning noise from the engines prompted the swift evacuation of passengers, and the entire episode unfolded within a mere five minutes.

Early findings from an internal investigation have raised suspicions of sabotage.
However, both local and international authorities are actively conducting inquiries to get to the bottom of the incident.
Spokesperson Rasheed assured the public that Governor Adeleke and his aides emerged unscathed, and no injuries or explosions occurred during the incident.
He conveyed the Governor’s gratitude to well-wishers and supporters who have reached out since the incident, assuring everyone that Mr. Adeleke is in good health.
The circumstances surrounding this alarming aircraft incident continue to unfold as investigators delve deeper into the suspected engine tampering. Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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