July 23, 2024

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If Any Policeman Demands Money, Ask For A Receipt – FPRO Tells Nigerians 

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The Nigerian Police Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Olumuyiwa Adejobi, on Friday, December 22, said that Nigerians should ask for a receipt from any police officer demanding money from them.

Adejobi disclosed this in an interview with TVC news ‘Policing in the year 2023’ on Friday, December 22.

He said: “Like I said earlier today at a programme that it takes you to tangle, in most cases you discovered that bribery is almost as eaten dip into our system in the country and that is why you see the Federal Government has taken the bull by the horn to do all things possible to stop bribery and to kill corruption in our country.

“Most of our men that you see are on the road that has been alleged of taking bribes from Nigerians, most of them are always encouraged to do so, we have said on several occasions that you don’t offer bribes to policemen that is discharging his duty and for no reason should you offer.

“Offering a bribe to somebody on duty is even a criminal offence and it’s high time we started taking these things seriously, we started thinking outside the box to make sure we have a perfect system in the country.

“We are not generating, police will not be generating fund revenue into his own pocket if at all there is need for you to even pay for any services rendered by Nigeria Police Force, it goes to a central port, Nigeria operates TSA Tingle treasury account (TSA) so that we will able to monitor what they want to do, so that is why the federal government has established TSA for all of us in Nigeria if at all there is need for you to pay for services rendered by anybody it must be official.

“I have charged Nigerians to always tackle our men, some of them who are deviant and want to go out of their ways who are not professional enough, who are not into our ethical consideration of our job and engagement to report all what they do to us.

“When a policeman is demanding money to do anything for you, you too ask for a receipt, if that man cannot give you any receipt, cannot issue out any receipt to you for any payment you have made as a Nigerian please do not pay, for those who collect money on the road we have said it on several occasions that if a policeman is demanding from money on the road you need to ask certain questions in as much that we are not encouraging you to take up a fight with any armed policeman but you can be civil about it and ask certain questions that will make us liberates ourselves from the hands of some of these men who are out there and denting the image of the force.

“We kick against corruption, we kick against bribery and IGP has made it clear, don’t drop IGP’s name, some of them on the road will tell you we are making money, and oga at the top, oga in Abuja is taking his own share nobody is taken share from anybody IGP has said it clearly, don’t bring gift to me to the commissioner of police and their AIG’s don’t bring any money to me I don’t need your money.”

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